Terms & Conditions

Used Car Sales Commitment

AutoLane are committed to providing a high level of customer service, satisfaction and quality products. Customers who are buying a used car should check the vehicle history in detail, check that the vehicle has all the required features requested, and thoroughly inspect the vehicle to ensure the condition is per expectation. Any used vehicles featured in our warranty, pricing and marketing publications will be advertised transparently. The most up to date information regarding used vehicle can be obtained from AutoLane. We advise that necessary precautions are taken to check that the specification, appearance and dimensions of your potential purchase match your requirements. A test drive of the vehicle is highly recommended and we suggest that any specification queries are taken up before purchase.
In the event of an issue arising from the purchase of a used car, through the proprietor, the contested issues should be taken up with the Sales Manager or alternatively if you feel that the issue is not resolved you can contact the proprietor.

Used Car after Sales Warranty

AutoLane Ltd. where possible, may help the policy holder/buyer in getting through after sales warranty via a third-party warranty service provider (e.g., Warranty First) if the policy had been purchased/provided at the time of sale of the used vehicle.
Autolane Ltd. expects the policy holder/buyer of the vehicle to follow the guidance listed below in conjunction with the policy agreement.

• Policy holder/buyer solely responsible of the used vehicle purchased from AutoLane Ltd. and the warranty policy taken on the vehicle provided by company called Warranty First.
• Autolane Ltd. may assist, though, will not be responsible in any shape or form for any dealings and correspondence between the policy holder/buyer of the vehicle and the warranty service provider company (Warranty First) when generating the claim.
• Any mechanical issue/s within first 14 days after the purchase date is covered by AutoLane Ltd.(wear and tear parts not covered), this is to cover the period until the purchased warranty policy gets matured.
• From 15th day of purchase date of a used vehicle from AutoLane Ltd, only parts which are listed under the relevant warranty policy cover (Dynamic / Premier / Exclusive) purchased/provided at the time of sale of the vehicle, are covered and the claim amount should not exceed to the agreed total amount per claim in pound sterling as per warranty policy agreement.
• It is policy holder/buyer responsibility for generating a claim with the warranty company directly should there be a need to do so.
• Once a claim has been generated and opened, warranty service provider will (more likely) send a diagnosis form via email, advising policy holder/buyer to conduct diagnosis of the vehicle.
• To note, any charges for diagnosis report is to be paid by the policy holder/buyer and will not be payable by the warranty company or AutoLane Ltd (seller of the vehicle).
• In case the policy holder/buyer agrees to take AutoLane Ltd. offer of assistance in proceeding for warranty claim, it is policy holder/buyer responsibility to bring the vehicle to us (AutoLane Ltd.) to see if the vehicle is eligible to fix within the warranty.
• It is policy holder/buyer responsibility to pay any additional cost and difference if the total repair amount exceeds the agreed total per claim amount chosen at the time of warranty policy purchase.
• Policy holder/buyer will be responsible to pay any excess charge set by the warranty service provider, As per the information provided by warranty service provider (Warranty First) to Autolane Ltd this excess charge is normally 10% of the total claimable limit of the repair invoice.

• It is policy holder/buyer responsibility to confirm the excess charge with the warranty service provider, whereas AutoLane Ltd will not take any responsibility for the changes made by the warranty service provider related to excess charge at later date.
• If a part not covered under warranty policy or in case the warranty company declining the claim it is policy holder/buyer responsibility to pay for any cost incurred for vehicle repair.
• Please ensure (policy holder/buyer responsibility) to conduct both the diagnosis and repair of the vehicle from the same garage, otherwise, claim will be voided by the warranty service provider.

(Note: Details of the warranty service provider are given to the buyer at the time of purchase of the car. Email will also be sent directly to the buyer/policy holder from warranty service provider once the policy is approved.
Any information provided above is to assist the policy holder/buyer to understand how warranty claim works and to provide guidance to the policy holder.
Autolane Ltd does not represent Warranty Service Provider in any shape or form and it is solely policy holder/buyer’s responsibility to adhere to any terms and conditions set by the warranty service provider)

Used Car Sold as Seen

AutoLane does not cover any after sales warranty or offer a return or a refund for used car sold as seen. AutoLane is not obliged to, but may consider buying back the used car sold as seen or as part exchange for another used car from its fleet at trade price, deducting its margin from the original price the used car was sold.

Used Car Return/Refund Policy

AutoLane does not offer any refund or return for used cars, subject to your statutory rights. In the unlikely event of AutoLane accepting return of a sold used vehicle, AutoLane will require the vehicle to be returned to AutoLane trading address in the same pre-sale condition as when it was purchased. AutoLane will also exercise its right to deduct a reasonable sum of money having considered the usage of the vehicle and any failure to keep the vehicle in good repair and running condition. This will include but not limited to AutoLane’ right to charge the consumer 75 pence per mile for each mile covered since the date of sale, along with the cost of any estimate for repairs required to any damage to the vehicles interior and exterior that was caused whilst the vehicle was in your possession and will also include any administration accounting charges


A £250 minimum deposit is required to secure a car for up to 7 days starting from the date the deposited has been paid, this is non-refundable, non- transferable and is subject to statutory rights. A further deposit may be placed to extend the collection date; this would be a maximum of £1000 which would secure the car for up to 5 days in total. A cost deductible for storage and administration of up to £500 but not exceeding £1000.00 Shall be taken off the Deposits if you fail to collect the car at the arranged time. The car will then be placed back for sales without further notice given.


AUTOLANE reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.